The Wig Exchange

The Wig Exchange was created through the hard work and generosity of many individuals and businesses.

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has shared their time and/or talent to make this initiative a reality.

Founding Partners

Adam and Eve provided expert wig cleaning, reconditioning and styling for synthetic wigs.  Additionally, Adam & Eve donated a large quantity of wigs to help build our initial inventory.

Alex Davitt Portraits provided professional photography services for wig inventory and other promotional materials.

Angels of New York provided expert wig cleaning and reconditioning.

Digo Brands provided print services to The Wig Exchange.

egghead creative provided branding, marketing communications, copywriting and project management services for the development of The Wig Exchange website.

Halbig Design designed The Wig Exchange’s brand and key images, and provided website design and development services.

Hudson Paul Salon organized a fundraiser to help fund our start-up costs and provides clients with pre- and post-chemo haircuts, wig trimming & styling

Luther Pendragon US provided expert public relations advice and services.

Montage Hair Design provided professional cleaning services for donated wigs.

Rye TV provided photography services for wig inventory and video filming for public service announcements and related communications.

Saylor Grace Design provided creative and graphic design services for marketing communications and other materials.

SOUL RYEDERS owns and operates The Wig Exchange, as well as providing access to additional cancer-related services.

The UPS Store provides packing and shipping services for The Wig Exchange and Wigs Without Borders®.

Tompkins Financial Advisors was the lead financial sponsor who provided funds that helped cover initial start-up and operating costs for The Wig Exchange.

Our founding partners in bold are also current partners

Current Partners

Allure Hair & Color Design provides professional cleaning services for donated wigs.

Beauty Bar & Salon provides pre- and post-chemo haircuts, professional wig cleanings, trimming & styling and hosts Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS

Jo Bryan Photography photographs wigs for our web site.

Pierce Strudler provides creative and graphic design services for marketing materials

Martin O’Reilly and Edelman – providing Communications and Marketing Technology Support

The founders of The Wig Exchange would also like to thank our friends, family and colleagues for their generous contributions to the organization’s start-up efforts and for their ongoing assistance, volunteering and support services.