The Wig Exchange

Sandy Chittenden

Role: Client Coordinator

About me: My name is Sandy Chittenden, I’m a mother of two amazing daughters (Jillian and Jenna), a wife, realtor and a breast cancer survivor.  My incredibly supportive husband, Rob, is employed with the City of Rye Police.  He has been a detective for the over 30 years. In addition to selling real estate which I truly enjoy, I love spending time with family and friends, travelling, going on long walks and volunteering for The Wig Exchange.

Why I got involved: Very simply, I want to help. My first introduction to The Wig Exchange was donating my own wig, a few months later, a friend of mine was in need of a wig, I accompanied her, and I’ll never forget the feeling I experienced that day–listening to her, making her feel okay with the journey ahead, assisting her with tips of adjusting the wig on her head, and offering my honest opinion on how she looked. The entire process was so powerful and rewarding, later that year I became a Client Coordinator and continue to feel so privileged to help women affected by hair loss and honored to be part of such an amazing team and organization.

What makes The Wig Exchange special: Recently diagnosed cancer patients are overwhelmed on so many levels, not to mention the out-of-pocket costs and expenses. The Wig Exchange is unique because we provide high quality, gently used wigs at a minimal rental cost.  All of the Client Coordinators are cancer survivors, so the ease of meeting with someone who has been there and done that is inspiring and comforting.