The Wig Exchange

Paul Conn

Paul Conn

Role: Co-Founder

About me:  I am the husband of Kate and an ‘always-trying-to-be-a-better’ Dad to Alex and Harry; and the weekend walker of our dog Phinn.  I enjoy movies, music, riding my bike, technology, the web and social technologies, good company, good food and good wine.  I work in the financial services industry for Computershare. While financial services opportunities take me ‘around the world’, I’m very proud to be helping develop and expand this niche, non-profit organization

Why I got involved: I got involved with Kate and Sandy and together we set-up The Wig Exchange after Kate recovered from her experience with breast cancer. Sandy’s organization, called ‘Sole Ryeders and Friends’ at the time and now called SOUL RYEDERS, and many wonderful friends in our local community helped us during that challenging period.  The Wig Exchange seemed like a natural way to “give something back”.

What makes The Wig Exchange special: I think it is that highly personal interaction between someone who needs a wig and someone who has been there and survived cancer and who knows the fears the other person is experiencing.  That connection can inspire hope and trust. The wig is important, of course, but these interactions aren’t something you automatically get in a store and that’s what makes it special.