The Wig Exchange

Janet Muller

Role: Client Coordinator: I am a mother of three young adults (Bryan, Jack and Morgan), grandmother to an adorable boy (Vincent), and I have been blessed with a kind and gentle husband, Scott. I have developed an entrepreneurial business in health and fitness for the past 30+ years and am launching my own studio.  A personal ambition of mine is to motivate those present in my life to strive toward balance, peace and harmony on a consistent basis. I love teaching and practicing yoga, playing tennis, reading, needlepoint, spending time with family and friends and volunteering for The Wig Exchange.

Why I got involved:  When I first came in contact with Sandy Samberg and learned about her and the Sole Ryeders organization (now called ‘SOUL RYEDERS’), I knew she was someone special and someone I had to have in my life. Our journey began in yoga and with the donation of my wig for the newly developed Wig Exchange program. Sandy was familiar with my story and knew I wanted to pursue an involvement with her in some way, shape or form.  While I knew I wanted to be involved, I wanted to be passionate about whatever it was. Many months later, Sandy approached me thinking she found a possible fit. Becoming a Client Coordinator for The Wig Exchange program in 2013 became true perfection. I am passionate about helping and supporting those in need and being a cancer survivor was the icing on the cake. I am able to provide women not only with high quality wigs, but also emotional support from having lived it.  I am thankful and blessed to work with an unbelievable group of kind and loving individuals.

What makes The Wig Exchange special: The Wig Exchange is special in many ways.  The program offers ease, accessibility, minimal cost, all of which is a gift in itself. The Client Coordinators are cancer survivors and provide a different perspective. The personal connection created between the two is indescribable.  Speaking with someone who has been there and survived is inspiring, hopeful and therapeutic for both.