The Wig Exchange

Jackie Mazzilli

Role: Client Coordinator

Jackie Mazzilli BIo Pic

About me: I am originally from Rochester, NY and have lived in Rye over 15 years. I met my husband Steven in college and we have three beautiful daughters. I worked for a major financial services firm for over 17 years until I decided to leave the stress behind and become a stay-at-home Mom. It was the best decision I ever made. I like to spend time with friends and family and enjoy running, hiking and cooking. In addition to the work I do as a Client Coordinator for The Wig Exchange, I am also involved in Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS, a program which enables women undergoing cancer treatment to receive complimentary salon services and emotional support. I am also a catechist for the Resurrection PREP program and volunteer on several PTO Committees.

Why I got involved: After being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2013, I had a bilateral mastectomy. Soon after, I met with my oncologist and he warned me that the hardest part of chemotherapy would be the hair loss. I shrugged it off at the time thinking “it’s just hair” but it is a big deal and it can be a rough time in the journey to recovery. I got in touch with Sandy Samberg and found a wig that made me feel and look normal. Prior to chemotherapy treatment, I also had my own hair made into a ‘Chemo Diva Wig’. I had a great selection of fancy fedoras and other hats that, paired with my wig, made me look like my old self. Through my experience, I knew I wanted to become more involved and help others facing similar issues.

What makes the Wig Exchange special: As breast cancer survivors ourselves, our Client Coordinators are able to connect with clients on a very personal and emotional level. Newly diagnosed women have many questions and concerns and we are able to lend an ear and provide comfort that goes far beyond finding the perfect wig.