The Wig Exchange

Debbie Nye

Role: Client Coordinator

About Me: My husband Steven and I led parallel lives before meeting each other at the Mug and Ale (the Rye Grill) in 1990. We are the parents of three amazing girls. I am a New York State Certified K-6 Teacher and taught 3-5th grade for many years. I still continue to substitute when I can in my home district, but now have a second career in real estate as a salesperson for Julia B Fee Sothebys, which I really enjoy. I am on the board of Rye Girls Softball, A Catechist for Resurrection Prep Program, and Class Parent/PTO Volunteer. I love taking power walks on the beach boardwalk and enjoy dinners out with family and friends.

Why I Got Involved: Back in 2011 when Kate and Sandy had the idea for The Wig Exchange, I was their first donor. It was so great to be a small part of what has become such a big organization. I will never forget going to Kate’s house and handing over my wig, hats, and scarves that I thankfully no longer needed. I am a two time cancer veteran and am so grateful to the incredible people I met along my journey. I hope my experience can help make it slightly easier for those newly diagnosed with cancer.

What makes the Wig Exchange SpecialI believe the intimacy of the organization makes this Wig Exchange stand out. The ability to go to someone’s home who understands what you are going through at the moment is extraordinarily special. It is a comfort zone that is needed at this fragile time in your life. Losing your hair as a side effect of cancer treatment can be quite disturbing to a woman. But getting the right wig, hats, and accessories can make your day a bit brighter. My wig made every day a “good hair day” and I hope the Wig Exchange does that for you!