The Wig Exchange

Christine Lombardo

Role: Program Liaison.  My role in The Wig Exchange program is ensure that our amazing Client Coordinators have everything they need to support their clients. I keep the inventory of supplies up to date, assist Susan with wig intake and support various other needs that keep this unique program running smoothly.

About me: I grew up in Rye and still live here with my husband Anthony and our 9 year old daughter Kayla. I spent over 25 years the telecommunications industry supporting a sales organization in opportunity development and strategic planning. About a year ago, I decided I wanted to have more quality time with my family and shortly after, was led to this great opportunity in my community. My personal passions include working out, spending time with family and friends and watching my daughter swim and play soccer.

Why I got Involved: I was looking for something with flexibility and close to home. I knew about The Wig Exchange through my best friend who is not only a volunteer but also a cancer survivor. I always wished I could have done more for her during her difficult time as well as my mother who battled cancer and passed away 9 years ago. The Wig Exchange provided me an opportunity to be part of an organization and do something that can make a difference for those affected by cancer. 

What Makes The Wig Exchange Special: The Wig Exchange is so special because of the amazing volunteers that give their time and attention to support their wig clients, providing a comfortable and comforting experience. It is indescribable to see the connections that are formed and how these women help those who are affected by hair loss feel confident and cared for.