The Wig Exchange

Anita Beeber

Role: Intake Coordinator

About Me: I grew up in Westchester County and have lived in Chappaqua with my husband, a pediatrician, for over 40 years. Our beautiful daughters, Audrey and Sandy, complete our family. I owe them for allowing me to see their relationships in action.  Leaders in what they do, I have been blessed to meet the other people in their worlds. They lead by example with unselfish giving and enthusiastic dedication.  I was a stay at home mom until the girls were in high school when I worked as a High School Guidance Counselor for over 20 years.  I love spending time with family and close friends.  I enjoy tennis, knitting, ice-skating, reading, travel, baking, and hiking.

What makes the Wig Exchange SpecialThe personal relationships between our Client Coordinators and the newly diagnosed women who they are helping are priceless.  Having that connection to someone who has been through a similar experience is invaluable.  On the donor side, I am always so inspired by the kind words that wig donors share with us.  They are genuinely happy to have a tangible way to help others who are experiencing the many challenges that follow a cancer diagnosis.