The Wig Exchange

The gift of hair–from women who’ve been there.

For many women, hair loss is the most troublesome side effect of chemotherapy. A nice wig can ease that concern, but well-made wigs are expensive and may not be covered by insurance. Meanwhile, women who’ve finished their cancer treatments are often unsure as to what to do with their barely-used wigs. That’s why we created The Wig Exchange™.

The Wig Exchange is based in Westchester County, New York. It is a partner organization of Sole Ryeders & Friends. In Fall 2014, The Wig Exchange San Francisco Bay Area launched!

Wig donations have been received from cancer survivors from 37 states. Currently, we serve clients in the Tri-State area.  Unfortunately, we are unable to send wigs to individuals through the mail.  In 2014, The Wig Exchange intends to expand its coverage as resources permit.

To find out more about our program, you can read about The Wig Exchange in Rye Magazine, browse our Wig Salon or Media Center. You can also listen to the founders of The Wig Exchange in a recent interview (2.24.2014) on Frankly Speaking About Cancer on VoiceAmerica, an internet-based radio program.

Alternatively, you can call us at 914-412-4884 or email us at We’re here to help women with the challenges that cancer related hair loss can cause. You can read our testimonials here.

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